August 1st - 3rd, 2019

Conference Venue

Shangri-La Hotel, Colombo


3 Days Conference


  • Registration is open
  • Abstract submission deadline is on June 15th 2019

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Become A Member

Join the Sri Lanka College of Endocrinologists

The inception of the Endocrine Society of Sri Lanka in 1979 was a landmark event in the history of medicine in the country. The renowned academic in physiology, Professor Carlo Fonseka was credited for pioneering the establishment of the Endocrine Society of Sri Lanka with the support of a few enthusiasts in the era.

With all the determination and passion, the status of the field was raised to societal levels. The humble beginnings paved the path to giant strides towards advancement in the next few decades.

Contact Sri Lanka College of Endocrinologists office for further details.


Slendo 2019 Schedule

Symposium 1 – Endocrinology & Reproduction

🕑 10.30am – 11.00am 🎙️ Dr. Margaret Weirman (US)
💬 Menopausal Hormone Therapy; Where are we in 2019?

🕑 11.00am – 11.30am 🎙️ Dr. Sushil jindal (IND)
💬Male Hypogonadism – Steering through the maze  

🕑 11.30am – 12.00am 🎙️ Dr. Margaret Weirman (US)
💬 Metabolic effects of PCOD

Panel Discussion 1 – Which drug amidst the plethora of diabetes therapies? A case-based discussion

🕑 12.00am – 12.20pm 🎙️ Dr. Sachith Abhayaratna (SL)
💬 Incretins
  🕑 12.20am – 12.40pm 🎙️ Dr. Chaminda Garusinghe (SL)
💬 SGLT2i
  🕑 12.40pm - 01.00pm 🎙️ Dr.Shaminda Kahandawa (SL)
💬 Insulin
  🕑 01.00pm – 01.20pm 🎙️ Dr. A. H. Aamir (PAK)
💬 Sensitizers
  🕑 01.20pm – 01.40pm 🎙️ Dr. Aravinthan Mahalingam(IND)
💬 Sulphonylurea

Symposium 4 – An aid to professional development: How to…..

🕑 01.40pm – 02.10pm 🎙️ Prof. Senaka Rajapaksha(SL)
💬 How to…..Integrate researchinto your busy schedule?

🕑 02.10pm – 02.40pm 🎙️ Prof. Janaka De Silva (SL)
💬 How to…..Publish a high impact paper?

🕑 02.40pm – 03.10pm 🎙️ Dr Jawaid Masood (PAK)
💬 How to….Deliver a perfectly pitched talk?

Meet the Professor 1

🕑 03.00pm-04.00pm 🎙️ Prof. John Wass (UK)
💬 Optimizing Hormone Treatment
In the Hypopituitary Patient

Meet the Professor 5

🕑 04.00pm – 05.00pm 🎙️ Professor John Wass (UK)
💬 Optimizing Hormone Treatment in the Hypopituitary Patient 

Symposium 2 – Pituitary Disease

🕑 10.30am –11.00am 🎙️ Prof. William Young (US)
💬 Diagnosis and Management of Acromegaly

🕑 11.00am –11.30am 🎙️ Prof Márta Korbonits (UK)
💬 Diagnosis and Management of Prolactinomas

🕑 11.30am –12.00am 🎙️ Prof. John Wass
💬 Pituitary Tumours; Modern Viewpoint

Panel Discussion 2 – Cardiovascular Outcomes in Diabetes

🕑 11.30am –11.45am
💬 Diabetes Therapeutics and Cardiovascular Outcomes: Where are We Now?

🕑 11.45am –12.00pm 🎙️ TBA
💬 Role of Anti-Platelet Therapy in Primary Prevention

🕑 12.00pm –12.15pm 🎙️ Dr Ruvan Ekanayake (SL)
💬 Controversies in Statin Therapy

🕑 12.15pm –12.30pm 🎙️ Dr Vajira Senaratne (SL)
💬 Blood Pressure Targets: How low should we go?

🕑 12.30pm –12.45pm 🎙️ TBA(Astra Zeneca)
💬 Acute Coronary Syndrome in Diabetes

🕑 12.45pm –01.00pm
💬 Discussion 

Symposium 5 – Diabetes & technology

🕑 01.30pm –02.00pm 🎙️ Dr Lalantha Leelaratne (UK)(SL)
💬 Be up-to-date with new advances –CGM

🕑 02.00pm –02.30pm 🎙️ Dr Rakesh Sahay (IND)
💬 Pump technology –An update

🕑 02.30pm –03.00pm 🎙️ Dr Lalantha Leelarathne (UK)
💬 Closing the loop –finally a reality?

Meet the Professor 2

🎙️ Prof David S Cooper(US)
💬 Challenging cases of Thyroid Dysfunction

Meet the Professor 6

🎙️ Dr Andre Lacroix (CAN)
💬 Novel strategies in Glucocorticoid Replacement

ISE Thyroid Certificate Course

🕑 09.00am-09.30am 🎙️ Prof David S Cooper (US)
💬 Treatment of hypothyroidism –The essence

🕑 09.30am-10.00am 🎙️ Prof. Susan Mandel
💬 Imaging of thyroid nodules

🕑 10.00am -10.30am
💬 Break

🕑 10.30am -11.00am 🎙️ Prof David S Cooper (US)
💬 Contemporary management of Grave’s disease

🕑 11.00am -11.30am 🎙️ Dr Faisal Ahmad (UK)
💬 Thyrotoxicosis in children

🕑 11.30am –12.00pm 🎙️ Prof Susan Mandel (US)
💬 Thyroid Disease in Pregnancy

🕑 12.00pm –12.30pm 🎙️ Prof David S Cooper (US)
💬 Low Risk Thyroid Cancer

🕑 12.30pm –01.00pm
💬 Q & A

🕑 01.30pm -02.00pm 🎙️ Dr. Jayantha Balawardhana (SL)
💬 Radioiodine therapy in thyroid practice

🕑 02.00pm-02.30pm 🎙️ Prof. Susan Mandel
💬 The many faces of thyroiditis 

🕑 02.30pm –3.00pm 🎙️ Dr. Ajit Kumar Yadav (IND)
💬 Radiofrequency Ablation of Thyroid Nodules

Meet the Professor 4

🎙️ Dr Lalantha Leelarathne (UK) & Dr Mathew John (IND)
💬 A Practical Guide to usage of Insulin Pumps

Meet the Professor 8

🎙️ Prof William F Young (US)
💬 IPSS and AVS results made simple

Symposium 3 – Make Endocrinology the General Practitioners’ Forte

🕑 10.00am –10.20am 🎙️ Dr. Manodhi Saranapala (AUS)
💬 Extravagant Endocrine Diagnosis –When to suspect in Family practice?

🕑 10.20am –10.40am 🎙️ Prof. Chandrika Wijeyaratne (SL)
💬 Unravelling the Clinical issues in  PCOD

🕑 10.40am –11.00am 🎙️ Dr Muditha Weerakody (SL)
💬 The simple and complex of Thyroid diseases

🕑 11.00am -11.20am 🎙️ Dr. Shahjada Selim (Ban)
💬 Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes

🕑 11.20am –11.30am
💬 10 minutes Discussion

Panel Discussion 3 – Strengthening family practice for diabetes shared care

🕑 11.30am –11.50am 🎙️ Dr Mathew John (IND)
💬 How to escalate Diabetes Therapeutics?

🕑 11.50am –12.10pm 🎙️ Dr Udul Hewage (AUS)
💬 Insulin and SMBG: Optimizing quality of life

🕑 12.10pm –12.30pm 🎙️ Prof. Devaka Fernando (UK)
💬 Setting Up a Digital Database in your General Practice

🕑 12.30pm –12.50pm 🎙️ Dr Arshad Hussain (PAK)
💬 Shouldering Diabetes care of the expecting mother

🕑 12.50pm –01.00pm
💬 Discussion

Symposium 6 – Diabetes in special groups

🕑 01.30pm –2.00pm 🎙️ Dr Agustini Utari (INDO)
💬 Challenges in approaching an Adolescent with new Onset Diabetes

🕑 02.00pm –02.30pm 🎙️ Dr Udul Hewage (AUS)
💬 Hyperglycaemia in the post Kidney Transplant patient

🕑 02.30pm –03.00pm 🎙️ Dr Loretta Boulton (UK)
💬 The Three Ds –Dementia, Depression & Diabetes 

Meet the Professor 3

🎙️ Prof. Faisal Ahmed UK)
💬 Unravel the True Self: Challenging CasesinDSD

Meet the Professor 7

🎙️ Dr Susan Mandel(US)
💬 Challenging Thyroid Nodules

Master Class 1

🕑 09.00am –09.20 am 🎙️ Dr Siva Sivapriyan
💬 NASH: Modern Viewpoint

🕑 09.20am –09.40am 🎙️ Dr Shyaminda Kahandawa (SL) TBA
💬 Gut Harmonizing the Endocrine Orchestra

🕑 09.40am –10.00am 🎙️ Dr Manilka Sumanatilleke
💬 Obesity Therapeutics –are we there yet?

🕑 10.00 –10.10
💬 Discussion/break

🕑 10.10am –10.30am 🎙️ TBA
💬 An Update on Bariatric Surgery

🕑 10.30am -10.50am 🎙️ Dr Madunil Niriella
💬 Non-pharmacological alternatives for bariatric surgery

🕑 11.10am –11.30am 🎙️ Dr. Pramod Ghandi(IND)
💬 Metabolically Healthy Obesity –Does it exist?

🕑 11.30am –11.50am 🎙️ Dr Agustini Utari (INDO)
💬 Childhood Obesity and Genetic Syndromes

🕑 11.50am–12.00am
💬 Discussion

Workshop 1

Insulin Pump Workshop

Teaching Capsule 1 – Sellar tumours –Multi disciplinary team gathering

🎙️ Mr. Simon Cudlip(UK), Prof John Wass (UK), Prof Márta Korbonits (UK), Dr Ruby Mahesparan (Norway)
💬 (Needs to be coordinated by the moderator)(4 cases could be discussed20 mins per case)


Plenary 1

🎙️ Prof Susan Mandel (US)
💬 Management of Thyroid nodules

Plenary 3

🎙️ Prof Márta Korbonits (UK)
💬 ‘The Irish Giant’–Story Unwinds

Symposium 8 – Diabetes Complications

🕑 09.00am –09.30am 🎙️ Prof. Andrew Boulton
💬 Novel approaches in Diabetic Foot Disease

🕑 09.30am –10.00am 🎙️ TBA
💬 Challenges in Glycaemic management in CKD

🕑 10.00am –10.30am 🎙️ Dr Mathu (SL)
💬 Renal Outcome Trials in Diabetes –An Update

Plenary 5

🎙️ Prof David Cooper (US)
💬 Subclinical Thyroid Disease –An Update

Lunch in the Court Room

🎙️ Attorneys -Dr. Manoj Chawla (IND) / Dr. Dina Shrestha (NEP)
💬 ‘Jurors are not to be swayed by sympathy’In South Asian Court of Decree...

Plenary 7

🎙️ Prof William Young (US)
💬 Mild Hypercortisolism: Does it Really Matter?

Symposium 11 – Thyroid Disorders –What Experts have to Say

🕑 01.30pm –02.00pm 🎙️ Prof. Susan Mandel
💬 Year in Thyroid

🕑 02.00pm –02.30pm 🎙️ Dr. Chameera Bandara (SL)
💬 Keeping an Eye on thyroid Eye Diseases

🕑 02.30pm –03.00pm 🎙️ Dr. Dehan Gunasekara (SL)
💬 Exploring Frontiers in Thyroid Cancer

Meet the Professor 9

🎙️ Prof William F Young (US)
💬 Diagnosis of Cushing Syndrome: Pearls and Pitfalls

Meet the Professor 13

🎙️ Dr Paul Hofman (NZ)
💬 Its Wit that matters –challenges: Congenital Hypothyroidism

Plenary 4

🎙️ Dr Prasad Katulanda (SL)
💬 T2DM Remission as a Therapeutic Goal

Plenary 2

🎙️ Dr Sanjay Kalra (IND)
💬 Cardiovascular Trials in Diabetes: Across the Decade

Symposium 9 – State of the Art care in Neuroendocrinology

🕑 09.00am –09.30am 🎙️ Dr Ruby Mahesparan (Norway)
💬 Cutting edge treatment with Gamma Knife 

🕑 09.30am –10.00am 🎙️ Prof. William Young (US)
💬 Case-based Update Pheochromocytoma

🕑 10.00am –10.30am 🎙️ Prof. Nihal Thomas
💬 Familial Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumours

Panel Discussion 5 – Changing landscape of diagnostics & therapeutics

🕑 10.30am –10.50am 🎙️ Dr AndreLacroix (CAN)
💬 Controversies in the Diagnosis and Management of Cushing Syndrome

🕑 10.50am –11.10am 🎙️ Prof Margret Wierman (US)
💬 Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia across lifespan

🕑 11.10am –11.30am 🎙️ Dr Andre Lacroix (CAN)
💬 Therapeutic Advances in Adrenal Disorders

🕑 11.30am –11.50am 🎙️ Dr. Manodhi Saranapala
💬 Hypoadrenalism; New Insights

🕑 11.50am –12.00pm
💬 Discussion

Plenary 6

🎙️ Prof Paul Hofman (NZ)
💬 Developmental Origins of Health and Disease

Lunch Time Symposium 1

🎙️ Dr Navoda Atapattu (SL) / Dr Sumudu Seneviratne (SL)
💬 Real World Challenges in Nurturing a Child with TIDM –What the Family has to say?

Plenary 8

🎙️ prof. Faisal Ahmed
💬 DSD from Conception to Reproduction

Symposium 12 – Reproductive Endocrinology

🕑 01.30pm –02.00pm 🎙️ Dr Margaret Wierman (US)
💬 Fertility Treatment in Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism –A Glimmer of Hope

🕑 02.00pm –02.30pm 🎙️ Dr Milhan Batcha (SL)
💬 Assisted Reproductive Technology: An Update

🕑 02.30pm –03.00pm 🎙️ Dr Margaret Wierman (US)
💬 Fertility issues in PCOS

Meet the Professor 10

🎙️ Prof Márta Korbonits (UK)
💬 Challenging Cases of  Prolactinoma

Meet the Professor 14

🎙️ Dr. Abbas Raza (PAK)
💬 Difficult Cases in Diabetes

Panel Discussion 6 – A New Era for Diabetes Therapeutics

🕑 10.30am –10.50am 🎙️ Dr Loretta Boulton (UK)
💬 More Freedom with Less Frequent Injectables/Drugs

🕑 10.50am –11.10am 🎙️ Dr Mujahid Saeed (UK)
💬 Can SGLT2 Inhibitor’s Replace Traditional Hypoglycaemic Agents?

🕑 11.10am –11.30am 🎙️ Dr Rakesh Sahay (IND)
💬 Combos for Diabetes

🕑 11.30am –11.50am 🎙️ Prof Paul Hofman (NZ)
💬 Type1 Diabetes: New Insights

🕑 1.50pm –12.00pm
💬 10 mins for discussion

Symposium 13 – Tropical Endocrinology

🕑 01.30pm –01.50pm 🎙️ Dr Saptarshi Bhattacharya (IND)
💬 Envenomation and Endocrinology

🕑 01.50pm –02.10pm 🎙️ Dr Senaka Pilapitiya (SL)
💬 Native Physician –Friend or Foe

🕑 02.10pm –02.30pm 🎙️ Dr. AH Aamir (PAK)
💬 Diabetes and Tuberculosis: Double Trouble

🕑 02.30pm –02.50pm 🎙️ Dr. Subhankar Chowdhury (IND)
💬 Fibro Calculus Pancreatic Diabetes; Changing Cues with Changing Times

🕑 02.50pm –03.00pm
💬 Discussion

Meet the Professor 11

🎙️ Dr Faisal Ahmed (UK)
💬 Metabolic Bone Disease in Children

Meet the Professor 15

🎙️ Dr Margaret Wierman (US)
💬 Hypogonadism -Case Studies

Master Class 3 – Bone and Metabolic Disease

🕑 09.00am -09.25am 🎙️ Prof Bart Clarke(US)
💬 Osteoporosis: Common Questions, Clinical Conundrums

🕑 09.25am -09.50am 🎙️ Lekamwasam (SL)
💬 T to Z scores: Case-based Approach

🕑 09.50am -10.15am 🎙️ Prof Bart Clark (US)
💬 Fracture Risk Assessment beyond DXA and FRAX

🕑 10.15am–10.25am
💬 Break

🕑 10.25am–10.45am 🎙️ A Fact-Dr KavingaGunawardena (SL) & A Myth-Dr. Manash Baruah
💬 Viewpoints Vitamin D Deficiency –A Fact or Myth: 

🕑 10.50am –11.15am 🎙️ Prof. Faisal Ahamed (UK)
💬 “Osteoporosis” in the Young 

🕑 11.15am –11.40am 🎙️ Prof Bart Clarke(US)
💬 Metabolic Bone Disease: An Eye Opener

🕑 11.40am –12.00pm 🎙️ Prof. Faisal Ahmed (UK)
💬 Bone protective agents in children

Master Class 4 – Keep the head Straight in Endocrine Emergencies

🕑 01.30pm –02.00pm 🎙️ Prof David Cooper (US)
💬 Thyroid Storm and Myxoedema Coma

🕑 02.00pm –02.30pm 🎙️ TBA
💬 Addisonian Crisis 

🕑 02.30pm –03.00pm 🎙️ Prof John Wass (UK)
💬 Pituitary Apoplexy and Hypopituitarism

Meet the Professor 12

🕑 🎙️ Dr Andre Lacroix (CAN)
💬 Aggressive Pituitary Tumours

Meet the Professor 16

🕑 🎙️ Dr. Andrew Boulton, TBA
💬 Diabetic Neuropathy

Forum 1 – Regional Know –How of Endocrinology

🕑 9.00am –09.20am 🎙️ Dr.Waqas Shafiq (PAK)
💬 Adrenal Tumours and Adrenocortical Cancers: Regional Perspective

🕑 09.20am –09.40am 🎙️ Dr. Md. Saifuddin (BAN)
💬 Female Sexual Dysfunction

🕑 09.40am –10.00am 🎙️ Dr. Indrajit Prasad
💬 The State of Affairs –Gender Dysphoria in the Region and its Management

🕑 10.00am –10.15am
💬 Discussion

Forum 2 – Finding solutions to Common Endocrine Problems

🕑 10.15am -10.35am 🎙️ Dr Robin Maskey (NEP)
💬 Subclinical Hypothyroidism –Controversies to Consensus

🕑 10.35am –10.55am 🎙️ Dr Umal Azmat (PAK)
💬 hyroid Nodules –Making Tough Choices

🕑 10.55am –11.15am 🎙️ TBA
💬 Hashimotos Thyroiditis

🕑 11.15am –11.35am 🎙️ Dr Vijay Bhaskara Reddy (IND)
💬 Thyroid Eye Disease; Update on Management

🕑 11.35am –11.50am
💬 Discussion

Forum 3 – Finding Solutions to Common Endocrine Problems

🕑 01.30pm –01.50pm 🎙️ Dr Sameer Aggarwal (Ind)
💬 Thyrovigilance

🕑 01.50pm–02.10pm 🎙️ Dr Dipak Mall (NEP)
💬 Approach to the Patient with Hirsutism

🕑 02.10pm–02.30pm 🎙️ Dr Sakthivel (IND)
💬 Postmenopausal Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

🕑 02.30pm –02.50pm 🎙️ Dr. Sajith Siyambalapitiya (SL)
💬 Delayed Puberty

🕑 02.50pm–03.00pm
💬 Discussion



Forum 4 – Endocrine Perspective of Not So Uncommon scenarios

🕑 1.30pm –02.00pm 🎙️ Dr Faria Afsana (BAN)
💬 How to Handle Spontaneous Hypoglycaemia?

🕑 2.00pm –02.30pm 🎙️ Dr Hari Kumar (IND)
💬 Use and Misuse of Hormones in Sports

🕑 02.30pm –03.00pm 🎙️ Dr Suresh Damodharan (IND)
💬 Drug-Induced Endocrine   Dysfunction


Plenary 9

🕑 🎙️ Dr. Krishna Seshadri (IND)
💬 A Glimpse into the future of Insulin 

Plenary 11

🎙️ Professor William Young (US)
💬 Adrenal Incidentaloma –What catches the Endocrinologists Eye

Symposium 14 – Pituitary Disease: State of the Art Care

🕑 09.00am –09.30am 🎙️ Prof John Wass (UK)
💬 Disorders of Sodium handling following Sellar Surgery

🕑 09.30am –10.00am 🎙️ Prof. Andre Lacroix (CAN)
💬 Expanding the Scope of Outcome in Cushing Syndrome –New Treatment Modalities

🕑 10.00am –10.30am 🎙️ Mr Simon Cudlip (UK)
💬 State of the Art Care in Craniopharyngioma

Panel Discussion 7 – How do I……

🎙️ Dr Chathuri Jayawardena (SL)
💬 How do I... manage Gynaecomastia?

🎙️ Dr Lalana Devi Ranasinghe (SL)
💬 How do I... manage adults with CAH?

🎙️ Dr Indrajith Prasad (BAN)
💬 How do I... manage Hirsutism?

🎙️ Dr K.V.S. Hari kumar (IND)
💬 How do I... manage adverse effects due to Antithyroid drugs?

🎙️ Dr Maheshi Amarawardena(SL)
💬 How do I... investigate Excessive Sweating?

🎙️ TBA
💬 How do I... prepare patient for ARR?

Plenary 13

🕑 🎙️ Andrew J.M. Boulton (UK)
💬 The Diabetic Lower Limb –The Long Journey does not End...

Lunch Time Symposium 2

🎙️ Mr Yasantha Kodagoda (SL)
💬 Negligence, Genuine Error and Litigation

Symposium 17 – Genetics and endocrinology

🕑 01.30pm –02.00pm 🎙️ Prof Márta Korbonits (UK)
💬 Pituitary and Genetics

🕑 02.00pm–02.30pm 🎙️ Dr Prasad Katulanda
💬 Diabetes and Genetics

🕑 02.30pm–03.00pm 🎙️ Prof Márta Korbonits (UK)
💬 Novel Therapeutic Targets in Metabolic Disease and Cancer


🎙️ Agree-Dr. Abbas Raza (PAK), Disagree-Dr. Sanjay Kalra (IND)
💬 Insulin should be replaced by new drugs

🎙️ Prof. Andrew Boulton(PAK) & Dr. Krishna Seshadri (IND)
💬 International guidelines on diabetes should be applied universally

Plenary 10

🎙️ Speaker (CAN)TBA
💬 SGLT2i

Symposium 15 – Adrenal Disease: In Perspective…

🕑 09.00am –09.30am 🎙️ Dr Waqas shafiq (PAK)
💬 Adrenocortical Cancer –An Overview

🕑 09.30am –10.00am 🎙️ Dr Rakesh Sahay (ND)
💬 Diagnostic issues in Pheochromocytoma

🕑 10.00am –10.30am 🎙️ Prof William Young (US)
💬 Case-based Update on Primary Aldosteronism -What’s New?

Panel Discussion 8 – Regional Diabetes Care

🕑 10.30am –10.45am 🎙️ Dr Kaushik Pandit (IND)
💬 Insulin Resistance and Diabetes –is our Region Unique

🕑 10.45am –11.00am 🎙️ Dr Gagan Priya (IND)
💬 Buddhism and Diabetes Care –Mindful Meditation

🕑 11.00am –11.15am 🎙️ Prof Ali Jawa (PAK)
💬 Diabetes and Ramadhan

🕑 11.15am –11.30am 🎙️ Dr Atul Dhingra(IND)
💬 Challenges for the Under -privileged in Diabetes Care

🕑 11.30am –11.45am 🎙️ Dr. Jothydev Kesavadev(IND)
💬 Herbal Therapies for Diabetes

🕑 11.45am–12.00pm
💬 Discussion

Lunch in the Debate Room

🎙️ Debaters; Dr.Sujoy Ghosh (IND) & Dr.Tabinda Dugal (PAK)

Symposium 18 – Calcium metabolism & Parathyroid disease

🎙️ Dr Sanjay Bhadada (Ind)
💬 When Parathyroid Glands go untamed...

🎙️ Prof. Nihal Thomas (IND)
💬 How many Glands should Come Out?

🎙️ Prof Bart Clarke(US)
💬 Hypoparathyroidism: An Update

🎙️ Dr Samanthi Cooray (SL)
💬 Hypophosphatemia bone disorders

Symposium 16 – Endocrinology and Aging

🕑 09.00am –09.20am 🎙️ Dr Nayananjani Karunasena (SL)
💬 Stay Young –how Aging affects the Endocrine System 

🕑 09.20am –09.40am 🎙️ Prof Margret Wierman
💬 Premature menopause

🕑 09.40am –10.00am 🎙️ TBA
💬 Sexual Dysfunction in Elderly Females –Speak the Unspoken

🕑 10.00am –10.20am 🎙️ Dr. Dimuthu Muthukuda (SL)
💬 Hypothalamo –pituitary axis across lifespan

🕑 10.20am–10.30am
💬 Discussion

Panel Discussion 9 – In perspective…

🕑 10.30am –10.50am 🎙️ Prof Devaka Fernando (UK)
💬 Measuring quality of diabetes care

🕑 10.50am –11.10am 🎙️ Prof SV Madhu(Ind)
💬 Triglyceride Dysmetabolism as the Central Defect in Type 2 Diabetes

🕑 11.10am –11.30am 🎙️ Dr Rajiv Singla (IND)
💬 Artificial Intelligence in diabetes Care

🕑 11.30am –11.50am 🎙️ Dr. Amna Moazzam Baig(PAK)
💬 Empowerment; Keys to Patient Centered Approach

🕑 11.50am –12pm
💬 Discussion

Symposium 19 – Life style Intervention for diabetes –Emerging Concepts

🕑 01.30pm–01.50pm 🎙️ Dr Abdul Jabbar (PAK)
💬 Diet by Design –Dietary Recommendations in Diabetes

🕑 01.50pm–02.10pm 🎙️ Dr. Vignesh(IND)
💬 Exercising with Diabetes: How Much is Enough?

🕑 02.10pm–02.30pm 🎙️ Dr Prem Kumar(IND)
💬 Diabetes Distress –An Effort to Revitalize the Diabetic

🕑 02.30pm–02.50pm 🎙️ Dr Ranil Jayawardane
💬 Remission of Diabetes with Diet

🕑 02.50pm–03.00pm
💬 Discussion

Master Class 4 – Who make our souls blossom; Paediatric Endocrinologists speak

🕑 10.00am –10.20am 🎙️ Prof. Paul Hofman (NZ)
💬 Disorders of water and salt balance

🕑 10.20am -10.40am 🎙️ Prof. Faisal Ahmed (UK)
💬 New advances in sex determination and Disorders of Sexual Differentiation (DSD)

🕑 10.40am –11.00am 🎙️ Dr Agustini Utari (INDO)
💬 Socialand Psychological challenges in DSD

🕑 11.00am-11.20am 🎙️ Dr Sumudu Senevirathne (SL)
💬 Clinical conundrums in Disorders of Sexual Differentiation (DSD)

🕑 11.20am –11.35am
💬 Discussion

🕑 11.35am –11.45am
💬 Break

Master Class 5 – Growth and puberty: when to intervene

🕑 11.45am –12.05pm 🎙️ Prof. Paul Hoffman (NZ)
💬 Disharmony of Neuroendocrine Triggers in Puberty: An Overview of Pubertal Disorders

🕑 12.05pm –12.25pm 🎙️ Prof. Faisal Ahmed
💬 Puberty & DSD

🕑 12.25pm –12.45pm 🎙️ Prof. Paul Hoffman (NZ)
💬 Growth Hormone Therapy: An Update

🕑 12.45pm –01.00pm
💬 Discussion

Symposium 20 – The crucial ten months…

🎙️ Dr Aisha Shiekh (PAK)
💬 Challenges in treating Thyroid Disorders in Pregnancy

🎙️ Dr Dulani Kottachchi (SL)
💬 Optimizing Pregnancy Outcome in a Woman with Hyperglycaemia

🎙️ Prof William Young (US)
💬 Pheochromocytoma in Pregnancy

Forum 5 – The Regional Practice of Reproductive Endocrinology

🕑 09.00am–09.20am 🎙️ Dr. Nazmul Kabir Qureshi (BAN)
💬 Hirsuitism –Evaluation and Management

🕑 09.20am–09.40am 🎙️ Dr Subarna Dhoj Joshi (NEP)
💬 Hypothyroidism in Pregnancy

🕑 09.40am–10.00am 🎙️ Dr Deepak Khandelwal (IND)
💬 Anaemia in CKD

🕑 10.00am–10.20am 🎙️ Dr. Vineet Surana (IND)
💬 Diabetes Fatigue syndrome

🕑 10.20am–10.30am
💬 Discussion

Forum 6 – Voice of South Asia – Practice of Metabolic Medicine

🕑 10.30am –10.50am 🎙️ Dr. Ahsanul Hque Amin (BAN)
💬 Thyroid Disease:  Cardiovascular Perspective

🕑 10.50am –11.10am 🎙️ Dr Binit Vaidya (NEP)
💬 Osteoporosis

🕑 11.10am –11.30am 🎙️ Dr Manoi Chawla (IND)
💬 Metabolic Memory

🕑 11.30am–11.50am 🎙️ Dr Subhankar Chowdhury (IND)
💬 Clinical Application of MNT (medical nutrition therapy)?

🕑 11.50am–12.00pm
💬 Discussion



Conference Packages



April 4th – June 3rd
South Asian – 325$
International – 425$
Access to all Congress sessions
Access to the Congress exhibition



June 4th – August 3rd
South Asian – 425$
International – 525$
Access to all Congress sessions
Access to the Congress exhibition

MESSAGE from the Presidents

International Speakers for SLENDO 2019

Dr. Bart L. Clarke (MD)

Consultant and Chair of the Metabolic Bone Disease Core Group in the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, Metabolism, and Nutrition at the Mayo Clinic.

Professor John Wass (MA, MD, FRCP)

Professor of Endocrinology at Oxford University and the Head of the Department of Endocrinology at the Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism, Churchill Hospital Oxford, UK until 2012.

Professor William F. Young, Jr. (MD, MSc)

Professor of Medicine at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. Chair, Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, Metabolism, and Nutrition Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Rochester, Minnesota USA

Mr. Simon Cudlip (MBBS, BSc (Hons), MD FRCS (Eng), FRCS (Neurosurgery))

Consultant Neurosurgeon and Spinal Surgeon and Head of Department Oxford University Hospitals, Oxford, United Kingdom.

Professor David Stephen Cooper (M.D)

Professor of Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Professor of International Health at the Bloomberg Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

Professor Margaret E. Wierman (M.D)

Professor of Medicine, Physiology and Biophysics, Chief of Endocrinology, Denver VAMC.

Professor Paul Hofman (MbChB, Dip Obs, FRACP)

Professor Hofman is a clinical endocrinologist and researcher based at the Liggins Institute, University of Auckland.

Professor Marta Korbonits ( MD, PHD )

Professor of Endocrinology and Metabolism and Centre Lead for Endocrinology at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London UK.

Professor André Lacroix ( M.D., FCAHS )

Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology Research Center, Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM)

Prof. Andrew JM Boulton (MD, DSc (Hon), FACP, FICP, FRCP)

Consultant Physician, Manchester Royal Infirmary, President , Worldwide Initiative for Diabetes Education, Chair, EURADIA: Alliance for European Diabetes Research, President-Elect, International Diabetes Federation, Professor of Medicine, University of Manchester.

Professor S. Faisal Ahmed

Samson Gemmell Chair of Child Health, Developmental Endocrinology Research Group, University of Glasgow, Royal Hospital for Children, Scotland, UK.

Dr. Manodhi Saranapala,

MBBS, MD, MRCP, FRACP, Australia

Dr. Agustini Utari (MSi. Med, Sp.A(K))

Pediatric Endocrinologist, Diponegoro University, Semarang, Indonesia.

Dr. Lalantha Leelarathna (PhD)

Consultant Diabetologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer, Manchester Diabetes Centre, Manchester Royal Infirmary, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust / University of Manchester, Hathersage Road, Manchester, United Kingdom

Dr. Mujahid Saeed (MBBS, MRCP (UK) (Endocrinology and Diabetes), FRCP (UK), AHEA)

Consultant Physician in General Medicine and Diabetes (Consultant Physician and Diabetologist), Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, University Hospitals Birmingham, NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Dr. Ruby Mahesparan

Senior Consultant, Head of Neurosurgery, Department at Haukeland, Hospital in Bergen, Norway.

Dr. Siva Sivapriyan

Endocrinologist & Honorary Senior Lecturer King's College London, Clinical Governance Lead Maidstone, Maidstone Hospital, England

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